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Erin Huffstetler

Uses for Christmas Cards

By December 13, 2007

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We all have our pet peeves, and greeting cards happen to be one of mine. Why? Because I hate to see money spent on things with such a short life expectancy. In my experience cards are given, read and then promptly thrown in the trash. Is that worth the $3.99 or whatever that someone spent on the card? Some would say yes, but it just doesn't sit well with my savings-oriented brain.

When I receive a card, I immediately start thinking about all of the things that could have been bought in its place. It's not that I don't appreciate the gesture, it's just that I appreciate the value of a hard-earned dollar too.

And that's why I like to find uses for the cards that are given to me. Turning them into gift tags is one idea, but there are also lots of other things that can be made out of greeting cards. My latest creations? Christmas card coasters and placemats. Both are easy to make and help to keep cards out of the trash--now that makes me feel a bit better about the tradition.

December 16, 2007 at 10:17 pm
(1) James Beran says:

I find that bringing a bunch of smaller rags to the job makes for faster cleaning because a clean rag leaves fewer streaks. I mean a lot of rags. That makes rag storage a problem. So, I made a rag bag. I take an old pillow case. Along the bottom and again 3 inches above the bottom on one side I run duct tape. Then, vertical across these I run three 6 inch pieces of duct tape. Thus, I expose 3 pieces of fabric between the criss crossed duct tape. I slash the exposed fabric with a razor knife. Nail the bag open on the wall studs. Throw in the rags. Then I pull rags out as needed. Washed rags I throw back in through the top of the bag.

January 16, 2011 at 12:54 am
(2) Rachel says:

Oh wow. I use pillowcases for that reason too.

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