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Erin Huffstetler

Did Your Paycheck Shrink?

By January 18, 2013

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If your January paychecks have been smaller than you expected, you can thank the 2% social security tax hike that went into effect on January 1. Rising health insurance premiums may also be to blame. Still knowing the cause, does little to solve the problem of how you keep the bills paid when you're bringing home less money.

If you're wrestling with that quandary now, vow to have the problem resolved by the end of the weekend. Go over every item in your budget, and look for things that you can cut. Get on the phone, and ask your service providers to give you a better deal. Find free options for things that you're currently paying for. Do whatever it takes to make that budget crunch.

Here are some resources to get you going:

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January 24, 2013 at 10:08 pm
(1) David Walker says:

I agree. It is time to know your wants and needs. Easy rule of thumb.
“If you want it and you cant eat it, you don’t need it. ” This the best way to live. A lot of cuts can be made and you can lighten the load on yourself. A stress free person is a happy one productive one. Set the timer on the TV and trade in your cable for netflix or something. Think about it, just those two things will save you 100 bucks a month. How many others can you cut. Even if you had a date night, which is better then cable, you still got 50 bucks to put back. Live, Love and Dream.

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