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Home Canning - Southern Food - About.com
Home canning resources, including the USDA Guide and a variety of recipes. USDA guides are in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat).
Ten Simple Steps for Easy Home Canning - Local Foods - About.com
Preserve food at home with these 10 Steps for Easy Home Canning, from starting the water to releasing the air bubbles to racking and storing.
Safety Tips for Home Canning - Food Preservation Safety
Follow these tips to start canning and preserving food at home with confidence. For more information about home canning, check out these Must-Have Canning ...
Home Canning Basics - Food Preservation - About.com
The essential pieces of information you need to know in order to safely can food at home.
Canning Food - Preserving Foods and Canning Food at Home
Resources and information on home canning, dehydrating and food preserving. What you need to know about home canning and preserving equipment.
The Brief History of Canning Food - Food Preservation - About.com
Jars of home-canned food. Leda Meredith. Canning is a relatively recent development in the long history of food preservation. Humans have dried, salted and ...
Boiling Water Bath vs. Pressure Canning - Food Preservation
For starters, we don't usually use cans, as in metal cans, for home food preservation anymore. We use glass jars, a fact that has led some enthusiasts to call the ...
Canning 101 - Tips, Precautions & Resources
Home canning and preserving has regained its popularity with a new generation of home canners. It remains a very satisfying food process, proven to be well ...
Canning Roasted Tomatoes - Food Preservation - About.com
Roasting tomatoes before canning them intensifies their flavor. It also prevents the pulp and liquid from separating as often happens with raw-pack home canned ...
Successful Home Preserving - How to Succeed at Home Canning ...
Home preserving and canning is not difficult. There are guidelines to adhere to, recipes to try and processes to follow to ensure a safe finished food supply.
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