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How to Get Free Gas

Free Gas Card Promotions


The more gas costs, the more ways there are to get it for free. Check out these ideas for grabbing a free fill up:

Partipate in Gas Card Product Offers

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As gas prices continue to climb, more and more companies are running free gas card promotions to encourage customers to buy their product. Look for those deals and take advantage of them:

Tip: Do a web search for "win free gas" to find lots of instant win games and sweepstakes to enter. Your chance of winning a gas card are probably better than you think.

Cash in Your MyPoints

Trade some of your MyPoints earnings in for a free gas card. They currently offer both BP and shell cards.

Take Advantage of Travel Rebates

Many Bed and Breakfasts are offering free gas cards or gas credits when you book a stay. Expect lots of hotels to roll out similar offers.

Redeem Your Credit Card Rewards

When gas prices are high, redeeming your credit card points for free gas cards is just plain smart.

Answer Surveys

Many of the survey companies allow you to cash in your points for gas cards. Join several, and start earning free gas by the gallon:

Get Wrapped

Let someone wrap your car in advertisements, and get paid in gas. To learn more, check out:

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