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Ways to Save Gas While Traveling


Are high gas prices putting a crimp in your travel plans? Ease the burden with these simple gas-saving tips:

1. Rely on Local Transportation

Choose a travel location that offers local transit, and take advantage of it. Exploring a new city by bus, subway or ferry allows you to see the town as locals see it, and even cuts out the hassle of parking – a bargain for the price of a few bus or subway tokens.

2. Rent a Bike

Why rent a car when you can rent a bike? Beach towns and many other tourist-focused areas offer low-cost bike rentals that make getting around town easy. Pick your bike of choice, and pedal around town at your own pace.

3. Seek Gas Card Offers

Many hotels have begun to offer free gas cards in an effort to offset the ever-increasing price of gas. Take advantage of such an offer and you could find yourself cruising for free – or at least at a more reasonable price.

4. Become a Vehicle Transporter

Save wear and tear on your car and get a free tank of gas, by signing up to be a vehicle transporter. Autodriveaway.com has cars all over the country that need to be relocated.

5. Foot It

Pick a pedestrian-friendly location, and put your feet to work. Densely populated cities and even many small towns are perfect for exploring on foot. Lace up those shoes, and explore all of the little nooks and crannies that you'd miss in a car.

6. Look for Shuttle Service

Staying at a big-name hotel? Check to see if they offer a complimentary shuttle service. This will allow you to skip driving all together, and net you a free tour guide – not a bad deal, indeed.

7. Choose an All-In-One Destination

Resorts and other all-in-one destinations completely erase the need for transportation once you arrive. Choose one of these vacation spots, and you'll have easy access to food, entertainment and everything else that you'd need to make your trip enjoyable.

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