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Goodwill Outlet Stores - What to Expect



Goodwill Outlet Store

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What are Goodwill Outlet Stores:

Goodwill Outlet Stores serve as the liquidation centers for Goodwill retail stores. In most cases, merchandise is moved to an outlet location, if it fails to sell within six weeks.

Goodwill Outlet Pricing:

Once merchandise is moved to an outlet location, it is typically sold one of two ways: by the pound (very exciting), or at a reduced per-piece price. Either way, you can expect to pay at least 75% less than you would at a Goodwill retail store.

Here's a pricing example to give you a better idea of what to expect: Indianapolis Outlet Pricing

What You'll Find at the Goodwill Outlets:

You'll find the same things that you would find at a regular Goodwill store – clothes, shoes, linens, housewares, furniture, knick knacks, books and everything in between – just at a better price.

A Typical Shopping Experience:

Shopping at a Goodwill Outlet Store is a unique experience. In some outlets the merchandise is sorted, but more often than not, the merchandise is simply brought out in large bins for you to sort through.

If you like neat and orderly, this experience isn't for you. You'll have to dig through a lot of merchandise to find "the deals", and you'll have to do it while being swarmed by other shoppers who are doing the same.

Tips for a Successful Shopping Trip:

  • Bring a pair of gloves to protect your hands from any unknowns that you may come across in the bins
  • Go when you have several hours to dig
  • Leave the kids at home, if at all possible. Goodwill Outlet locations are usually very busy, and the customers can sometimes get aggressive
  • Keep your finds close to you. People will shop out of your cart, if given the chance
  • Shop often. New merchandise is put out throughout the day

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Goodwill Outlet Stores have a cash-and-carry policy, meaning you'll need to have a way to haul that big couch home as soon as you buy it
  • All items are sold as-is, and cannot be returned or exhanged

Locating a Goodwill Outlet Store:

Goodwill Outlet Stores are most prevalent in large cities; and sometimes go by different names, including as-is stores, bin stores and blue hanger stores.

To check for locations near you:

Goodwill Outlet Store Directory

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