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Save Money in February


February may be a short month, but there are still plenty of opportunities to save. Use these tips to max out your monthly savings:

1. Make Your Own Valentine's Day Gifts

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Surprise your sweetie with a homemade Valentine's Day gift. It'll be more affordable and more heart-felt:

2. Stock Up on Meat and Seafood

Grocery stores load up on meat and seafood in February to accommodate all of those romantic Valentine's Day dinners. Then, February 15 rolls around, and they start marking down anything that's didn't sell. Clear some room in your freezer now, so you'll be ready to snag your share of reduced-price steak and shrimp.

Also On Sale After Valentine's Day: chocolate, red and pink party supplies

3. Start Planning Your Garden

Growing your own food is a great way to get your grocery bill under control. Set aside some time this month to map out your garden plans and get your seeds ordered:

4. Plan Meals Around Seasonal Fare

Broccoli, brussels sprouts and cabbage are just a few of the foods that are in season this month. Incorporate them into your meal plan, and dial down the cost of dinner:

5. Snag Super Bowl Bargains

If you have a weakness for snack foods, February is a good time to stock up. Things like chips, soda and frozen finger foods will be on sale the week before the Super Bowl. After the game, unsold party trays, fancy cheeses and Super Bowl-themed baked goods will be a steal.

Planning to host a game day party? Think about making your own munchies to save even more:

6. Grab All the Coupons You Can

A new month means a fresh batch of coupons. Be sure to grab the ones that you can use:

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