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Save Money in March


Trying to squeeze more savings out of every month? Use these tips to make the most of March:

Restock Your Freezer

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

March is National Frozen Foods Month, so you'll see lots of sales tags in the freezer section this month. Take a few minutes to inventory the contents of your freezer. Then, restock as needed:

Spring Clean on the Cheap

March 20 is the official start of spring. Kick off your spring cleaning efforts with these hard-working, homemade cleaners:

Plan Your Spring Break

Get away over spring break, without breaking the bank. Here are the tools you need to plan the perfect budget-friendly trip:

File Your Taxes

Still need to file your taxes? Use one of these programs to do it for free:


Mushrooms, dandelions and asparagus are just a few of the wild edibles that will be sprouting up this month. Give foraging a try, and discover the simple pleasure of gathering your own food:

Eat Spring Foods

Build your menu around early spring foods like lettuce, broccoli and mushrooms. They'll be cheap, plentiful and off-the-charts tasty this month:

Get More Coupons

Most of the coupon websites reset their coupons on the first of the month. Check to see if there are any new coupons that you need to grab:

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