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14 Cheap Holiday Party Themes


11. Cookie Baking Party

Grab the flour, sugar and a few of your friends for a cookie baking party. Start from scratch or buy ready-made dough – either way you're sure to have a blast.

12. Craft Party

Round up your crafting pals for a holiday craft party. You can provide the supplies for a few inexpensive crafts, or ask each guest to supply the materials for one craft of her choosing. Note: This party works best with a small group.

13. Cookie Swap

Get your friends together for an old-fashioned cookie swap. The rules are pretty simple: everyone brings a batch of cookies to swap (or more, if you choose), and everyone goes home with a mix of all of the cookies. Yum!

14. Movie Party

Pick up a holiday movie from the library (free), and pop a few bowls of popcorn for a party that will give you and your wallet a break from the holiday hustle and bustle.
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