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14 Cheap Holiday Party Themes


Want to throw a holiday party without throwing off your budget? One of these cheap party themes should do the trick:

1. Open House

A holiday open house is a fun and frugal alternative to the traditional holiday party. Just invite guests to drop by at their leisure (between specific hours), and have light hors d'oeuvres and drinks at the ready. It's the perfect fuss-free affair.

2. Dessert Party

Please time-crunched guests and your budget by throwing a dessert party. You can make the desserts yourself or ask each guest to bring a sweet – the choice is yours. Then, add in a pot of coffee, and you've got the perfect frugal get-together.

3. Fondue

Pick up some fondue pots (second-hand stores are a great source), and serve up meat, cheese and chocolate fondue in place of a full meal. New to fondue? Here's a resource that should help: Fondue Cooking Tips.

4. Tree-Trimming Party

Knock out your holiday decorating and catch up with friends at the same time by throwing a tree-trimming party. If you use decorations that you already have, you'll only have to spring for the refreshments.

5. Potluck

A potluck isn't just cheap; it's tasty too. Ask each guest to bring a favorite dish. Then, all you'll need to provide are the drinks, plates, napkins and utensils.

6. Soup Party

Warm up your friends and family with a soup party. Have each guest bring a pot of soup. Then, set up a buffet with crackers, shredded cheese, croutons, sour cream and fresh bread; and enjoy some catch up time over a bowl – or two – of soup.

7. Wine and Cheese Party

Ask each guest to bring a bottle of wine. Then, purchase some artisanal cheeses, and you've got everything you need for a wine and cheese party.

8. Chocolate Tasting Party

Not big on cheese? Then, do a chocolate tasting party instead. You supply the chocolate, and the guests supply the wine.

9. Caroling Party

Invite your friends and family to go Christmas caroling with you (free fun). Then, head back to your house afterwards for hot chocolate, cider and Christmas cookies.

10. Small Dinner Party

If you like the idea of hosting a dinner party, but cringe at the cost, you may be thinking too big. Keep your guest list to a handful of your closest friends, and you'll keep the cost low too.
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