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Save Money on Christmas Cards

Simple Ways to Cut the Cost of Sending Christmas Cards


Sending Christmas cards is a nice gesture, but the cost can add up in a hurry. Here are several ways to save money on Christmas cards:

1. Don't Send Cards

Christmas cards are only a must if they're important to you. Explore your feelings about the tradition; and if it doesn't make your must-do list, skip it.

2. Trim Your List

Our mailing lists have a way of growing over the years. Take a look at your list and eliminate all of the people that you’ve fallen out of communication with, or trim your list to just the people that you won’t be seeing over the holidays.

3. Send Post Cards

Post cards require less postage than Christmas cards, so make the switch and save. You can even make your own post cards out of last year's Christmas cards – now that's frugal.

4. Make Your Own Cards

Store-bought cards seem too pricey? Then, make your own cards, and spend just what you want to spend.

5. Send E-Cards

Nearly everyone has e-mail these days, so take your mailing list to the web. Send out e-cards instead of real cards, and you can wish your friends and family a Merry Christmas for free.

6. Call Everyone

Have unlimited long distance? Then, call your loved ones instead of writing. It's a great excuse to catch up with friends and family, and a great way to make the most of your calling plan.

7. Buy Your Cards on Clearance

After-Christmas sales are the best time to purchase Christmas cards, so don't forget to pick up a few boxes for next year.
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