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Frugal Christmas Foods

Enjoy all of the tastes of Christmas without going over your grocery budget. Our library of inexpensive Christmas recipes can help.
  1. Make Your Own Ingredients (18)
  2. Uses for Leftovers (12)

How to Cut Your Holiday Baking Costs
Have lots of holiday baking to do? Use these tip to cut the cost.

Refrigerated Cookie Dough
A simple recipe for make-ahead cookie dough. It's the perfect frugal replacement for store-bought cookie dough.

How to Freeze Cookie Dough
Make your cookie dough ahead of time, and freeze it until you need it.

How to Freeze Pie Crusts
Get a head start on your holiday baking by making and freezing your pie crusts ahead.

Cranberry Sauce Recipe
Whip up a batch of cranberry sauce from fresh berries.

No-Fail Rolls
A no-fail, no-frills recipe for yeast rolls.

Make Your Own Alcohol
Learn how to make your own wine, liqueur and beer from basic ingredients, and keep your holiday entertaining bill down.

How Much Food is Enough?
Learn how to estimate how much food you'll need to prepare, and you'll avoid overspending at the grocery store.

Meal Planning Worksheet
Plan to have out of town guests stay at your house over the holidays? Use the Weekly Meal Planning Worksheet to make meal planning a cinch.

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