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Hangaway Drying Rack

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The Bottom Line

The Hangaway Collapsible Drying Rack is a great replacement for those flimsy, wooden drying racks that never seem to work the way you want them to.

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  • Collapses easily for storage
  • Holds up to 50 pounds
  • Sturdier than most drying racks


  • Legs and arms are made of plastic
  • Made in China


  • Features a tripod design
  • Measures 23"L x 24-1/2"W x 48-1/2"H
  • Grey and yellow color scheme

Guide Review - Hangaway Drying Rack

The Hangaway Collapsible Drying Rack is everything a drying rack should be. It's sturdy tripod design makes it easy to air-dry up to 50 pounds of clothing on one rack, while it's height makes it possible to dry pants and long skirts (when draped over a hanger). The notches on the arms keep hangers right where you put them; and when you're done, the whole thing collapses for easy storage. Forget about those frustrating accordian-styled drying racks. This is the rack for people who are serious about cutting down on their dryer use.

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