1. Money

Condiments, Spices and Seasonings

Making your own condiments and spices is an easy way to keep your grocery bill low.

Salad Dressing Recipes
A collection of quick and easy salad dressing recipes.

Make Your Own Spices and Seasonings
Recipes for garlic powder, onion salt, Italian seasoning and other common spices.

Cocktail Sauce
A basic, three-ingredient recipe for cocktail sauce that you can customize to your tastes.

So Simple Salsa Party Dip
Create a cheap and easy salsa party dip out of just two ingredients. It's sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Chive Blossom Vinegar
Create a delicious chive-infused vinegar to use as a dressing.

Horseradish Sauce
A five-ingredient recipe for horseradish sauce.

Hot Dog Chili
Make homemade hot dog chili in 30 minutes or less. Makes enough for 20 dogs.

Hollandaise Sauce
A recipe for hollandaise sauce made from a handful of pantry staples.

Allspice Substitute Recipe
Use spices you already have to create a good substitute for allspice.

Homemade Steak Sauce Recipe
A simple, two-ingredient steak sauce recipe.

How to Make Onion Salt
Have onion powder and salt on your spice rack? Then, you have everything you need to make onion salt.

How to Make Garlic Salt
Pull garlic powder and salt from your pantry, and use it to make your own garlic salt in under a minute.

How to Make Onion Powder
Homemade onion powder in three easy steps.

How to Make Garlic Powder
Simple instructions for making homemade garlic powder.

Peppermint Sprinkles
Make your own peppermint sprinkles for holiday desserts or gift giving.

Poultry Seasoning
Make your own poultry seasoning from spices you already have.

Homemade Italian Seasoning Recipe
Make your own Italian seasoning using spices that you already have on hand.

Use-What-You've-Got Buttermilk Dressing
Use whatever herbs you happen to have on hand to whip up a delicious buttermilk dressing.

Super Easy Ranch Dressing
Try this cheap and easy recipe for ranch dressing, and you'll wonder why you ever bought bottled.

Honey Mustard Salad Dressing
A simple, four-ingredient honey mustard salad dressing.

Basic Mayonnaise Recipe
Make your own cheap and easy mayonnaise in five minutes or less.

Maple Syrup Substitute Recipe
An inexpensive alternative for maple syrup that whips up in minutes.

Honey Substitute
Honey too pricey for your frugal tastes? Then, give this simple substitute a go.

Dandelion Honey Recipe
Have dandelions sprouting up in your yard? Use them as the base for a tasty treat.

Amish Tomato Ketchup Recipe
Use some of the tomatoes from your garden to make your own ketchup.

Homemade Butter in a Jar
Make your own butter and buttermilk at home.

Create Your Own Herb Blends
Use herbs from your garden to create custom seasoning blends.

Video: Make Your Own Steak Sauce
Use this recipe to make better-than-store-bought steak sauce.

Video: How to Make Flavored Mayonnaise
Enjoy flavored mayonnaise without paying extra for it. Just follow these simple steps to make your own.

Dijon Mustard Recipe
Make your own dijon mustard from scratch. Here's how.

Spicy German Mustard Recipe
Whip up your own spicy german mustard using this recipe.

Video: How to Make Peanut Butter
Discover how easy it is to make peanut butter at home.

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