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Best Canadian Coupon Sites


Searching for Canadian coupons? These are the best Canadian coupon sites on the web.


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Select your province from a drop down menu, and Save.ca will display all of the grocery coupons for your area. Just check off the ones that you want, and they'll mail them to you on the next business day. It's free and easy.


Scroll through coupons for top brands, like Kellogg's, Dole and Healthy Choice; choose the ones that you want, and Websaver.ca will mail them to you.

Note: There are some printable coupons on the site, too. Just look for the print icon, if you want coupons that you can use today.


Need additional copies of a coupon that SmartSource put out? Head over to smartsource.ca, where you can print two copies of any coupon that you see.


Need coupons for General Mills products? Lifemadedelicious.ca is the place to go. Click on the "offers" tab at the top of the page to view all current coupons and promotions. Then, sign up for their newsletter, so you'll be among the first to know when there's a new deal.


Tell Procter & Gamble which coupons you'd like to receive, and they'll stick them in the mail. They also offer free samples once per quarter at pgbrandsampler.ca, so be sure to check those out as well.

Worth Noting: Coupon and sample quantities are limited, so there won't always be something up on the site. Take a minute to register, and they'll e-mail you whenever they have a new offer.


Register for SC Johnson's Right@Home program, and receive coupons for products like Windex, Ziploc and Glade by mail.


Enter your postal code, and it will pull up all the Valpak coupons for your area – grocery coupons, restaurant coupons, service coupons and more.

Note: It actually asks for a zip code, but your postal code will work.


This site doesn't have a ton of coupons, but the ones it does have are usually quite good. Stop by regularly to request coupons for products from Royale, iogo and more.

Whole Foods

Pick up a copy of the Whole Deal in store, or choose the coupons that you want online. This is the Canadian version of their popular coupon booklet.

Brand Sites

Need a coupon for a specific product? Go straight to the source. Here are the Canadian sites for many of the top manufacturers:


Know of Another Great Canadian Coupon Site?

Please tell me about it, so I can add it to the list.

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