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How to Get Coupons for Meat


Coupons for meat really do exist. Here's how to go about getting them:

Swipe Your Store Card

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Many grocery chains use your store loyalty card to track what you buy; then, send you coupons for those products. If meat is something you buy on a regular basis, you'll probably get meat coupons in your mailing – so make sure you scan your card each and every time you shop.

Play Coupon I Spy

Be on the lookout for meat coupons on non-meat products. You'll often find coupon peelies, hang tags and tear pads on or near products that are likely to be consumed with meat. Think: beer, wine, seasonings, etc.

Find Printable Meat Coupons Online

Contrary to popular belief, many meat companies do put out coupons. Check the website of your favorite brands, and your likely to score some extra savings:

Fresh Meats

Gold'n Plump
Laura's Lean Beef ($1 off when you sign up for their newsletter)
Pilgrim's Pride ($1 off coupon link at top of page)

Processed Meats

Bob Evans (sign up for newsletter to get offers)
Healthy Choice (sign up for newsletter for coupons)

Also Check: coupons.com

Clip and Save

You'll find coupons for lunch meat, bacon, sausage and other processed meats in most Sunday coupon inserts, but if it's coupons for fresh meat that you're after, start watching the inserts a few weeks before big meat-eating holidays – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Fourth of July and Memorial Day.
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