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Crafts & Gifts

Frugal craft and gift ideas to keep your fingers busy.
  1. Sewing and Fabric Crafts (17)
  2. Soap and Candlemaking (9)
  3. Jewlery Making (6)
  4. Recycling Crafts (30)
  5. Holiday Crafts (12)

How to Make Family Guess Who?
Turn regular Guess Who? into Family Guess Who? Here's how.

Make Family Tree Ornaments
Transform your Christmas tree into a family tree. Here's how to make a set of family tree ornaments.

Thrift Store Bargains for Crafters
Like to craft, but hate to spend on craft supplies? Then, try shopping at thrift stores. Here are several second-hand materials that you can use to jump-start your next craft project:

Homemade Gifts for Kids
Free and cheap gift ideas for kids.

Frugal Crafts and Recipes for Kids
Here are enough frugal crafts and recipes to keep your kids entertained for hours.

Frugal Food Gifts
Need an affordable gift? Whip up one of these tasty edibles.

Make a Snowman Kit
Instructions for making a snowman kit for your kids or to give as a gift.

Make Snow Paint
Use this simple recipe to make your own snow paint.

Create Painted Garden Rocks
Spruce up your garden with whimsical painted rocks.

Easy-to-Make Chocolate Spoons
Learn how to make chocolate spoons to give as gifts.

Packaging Ideas for Edible Gifts
Clever and cost-effective ways to package all your edible gifts.

Make Your Own Craft Supplies
Keep your crafting costs down by making some of your craft supplies.

Make Your Own Non-toxic Paste
A cheap and easy recipe for craft paste.

Homemade Mother's Day Gifts
Want to impress Mom this Mother's Day? One of these homemade gifts should do the trick:

Homemade Gift Ideas
Need a great homemade gift idea? Here are dozens:

Homemade Gifts for Girls
Looking to spoil a little girl without spoiling your budget? One of these homemade gifts should do the trick.

How to Make a Hair Band Ball
Learn how to make a great gift for any girl with long hair.

Homemade Gifts for Boys
Looking for a good homemade gift for a boy? Try one of these:

Homemade Gifts for Babies
Looking for a great baby gift? Skip the stores, and make one of these homemade baby gifts instead:

Make a Silverware Keychain
Follow these simple instructions to make a silverware keychain out of an old spoon or fork. Great gift idea.

How to Make a Monogram Wreath
Love the look of a monogram wreath, but hate the price? Here's how to make your own on the cheap.

Make a Chalkboard Piggy Bank
Whip up a cute chalkboard piggy bank to hold all of your spare change, and make saving fun.

How to Make Days-of-the-Week Socks and Underwear
Use these free iron-ons to create your own days-of-the-week socks and underwear. Great gift idea!

How to Make a Perpetual Calendar
Forget about buying a new calendar each year. Just make a perpetual calendar, and you can reuse it again and again. Here's a printable version you can use.

Make a Bath Mitt Puppet
Turn a car wash mitt (dirt cheap) into a fun bath mitt puppet. Here's how.

Leftover Candy Chocolate Bark
Have leftover Halloween candy? Use some of it to create chocolate bark for holiday gift giving.

How to Make Letter Photography Cards
Follow these simple steps to make your own letter photography cards.

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