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Gifts from the Kitchen

Cheap and Easy Food Gifts


Homemade Crackers and Cheese

Photo &copy Flickr user joannapoe

Store-bought crackers and cheese are fine, but homemade crackers and cheese are out-of-this-world good. Treat someone to the good stuff:

An Edible Bouquet

Cookie Bouquet
Photo &copy Flickr user spazzgirl555

Create a floral bouquet out of cookies, cake pops, candy or fruit, and you'll have a gift that's both beautiful and delicious:

A Spice Rub

Spice Rub
Photo &copy Flickr user mikedevlin

It's amazing how much flavor a simple spice rub can add to meat. Whip up a few different rubs, package them in jars, and you have a great gift:

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