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Thrift Store Bargains for Crafters

How to Find Cheap Craft Supplies at Thrift Stores


Like to craft, but hate to spend on craft supplies? Then, try shopping at thrift stores. Here are several second-hand materials that you can use to jump-start your next craft project:

1. Sweaters

Search for sweaters with interesting colors and textures. Then, take them home, and transform them into colorful tote bags, mittens, throw pillows and other accessories; or unravel them for their yarn, and knit something new.

2. Shirts

Sift through all those racks of second-hand clothes for shirts that you can deconstruct for their fabric, buttons and other finer points; or that you can refashion into something more you.

3. Jeans

Denim can be used to make so many things – skirts, quilts, purses – you name it. Dig through the piles of discarded jeans for a pair (or a bunch of pairs) to get you started on a project.

4. Beaded Jewelry

Look for necklaces and bracelets with interesting beads that you can take apart and use in your own jewelry creations.

5. Books

Peruse the book section for old hardbacks that you can make into altered books.

6. Table Clothes, Curtains and Sheets

Need fabric for a project? Dig through the stacks of old table clothes, curtains and sheets; and see if you can find something that meets your needs.

Also worth digging for: interesting fringe, tassles and embellishments that can be removed, and added to your projects.

7. Candles

Snatch up partially-used candles (you know the one's nobody else wants); melt them down; and use them to make your own candles.

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