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Get Rid of Slugs


Slugs can do a lot of damage in the garden if left unchecked. Use these tips to get rid of your slugs:

Egg Shells

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Sprinkle a ring of crushed egg shells around your plants. All of those jagged edges will do a number on a slug's soft and squishy body.

Buy Some Birds

Chickens and ducks love to munch on slugs. Buy a few, and allow them to free-range in your garden. They'll take care of your slug problem, and provide you with eggs to boot.

Attract Toads to Your Yard

Slugs are a favorite food of toads, too. Make a couple toad houses to attract toads to your garden, and let them take care of the problem free of charge:

Citrus Peels

Drop some orange, grapefuit, lemon or lime peels out in the garden. Then, come back for them in the morning. By then, they should be covered with those slimy trouble-makers. Dispose of the slugs by dunking them into some salt water. Then, repeat the process until you have the population under control.

Set a Beer Trap

Stick a small container of beer out in the garden, and the slugs will drown themselves trying to get at it. Replace the beer regularly to maintain the efficacy of the trap.

Note: If you have pets that spend time outdoors, you may want to stick to one of the other slug remedies on the list.

Used Coffee Grounds

Caffeine has been shown to suppress the ravenous appetite of slugs. Save your coffee grounds; allow them to dry out; then, apply them to your garden.

Give Them Temporary Shelter

Stick a board or a piece of cardboard out in the garden. Then, lift it every morning, and scoop up all of the slugs that are sheltering underneath it.

Tip: Garden statuary or rocks can also be used for this purpose, if you want something a little more attractive.

Plants Things They Don't Like

It may seem like slugs will eat any plant in their path, but there are actually some that they don't like. Plant them around your most slug-damaged foliage to trick them into staying away:

Diatomaceous Earth

Pick up a bag of Diatomaceous Earth from the hardware store or a pool store, and sprinkle it around your plants. It won't harm animals, people or plants, but the coarse texture will do a number on those nasty slugs.


Clean out your hair brush, and place handfuls of hair throughout your garden. Birds love to use hair in their nests, so it's a good way to attract more slug predators to your yard.

Attract Beneficial Bugs

Ground beetles, lightning bug larvae and centipedes all eat slugs. Do everything you can to encourage their presence in your garden.

Avoid Watering at Night

Watering at night is like drawing the slugs a map to your flowers and veggies. Make a point of watering early in the day, so the soil and your plants will have a chance to dry off before nightfall.

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