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How To Make a Button Bouquet


Button Bouquet

Button Bouquet

Photo &copy Erin Huffstetler

Buttons always seem to accumulate at the bottom of a sewing basket, but yours don't have to. Turn some of your stash into a beautiful button bouquet to keep or give.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 30 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Cut a piece of wire to your desired stem length.


  2. Then, thread the wire through the holes of the first button, leaving enough wire to twist around the "stem" to secure your design.


  3. Continue making flowers in this manner until you have enough to fill your vase or container.


  4. Then, arrange; and enjoy.



  1. To create more elaborate flower designs, try wiring multiple buttons together.
  2. Button bouquets make a great stand in for traditional wedding bouquets – and they last a lot longer too!
  3. Button bouquets also make fun (and cheap) party favors or decorations.

What You Need:

  • buttons
  • fine gauge wire
  • wire cutters
  • vase or small container
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