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How To Make an Ice Centerpiece


Ice Centerpiece

Ice Centerpiece

Erin Huffstetler

Looking for a chic, but cheap centerpiece for a special dinner or party? Then, give this ice centerpiece a try.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 15 minutes, plus freeze time

Here's How:

  1. Head outdoors to collect things for your centerpiece – flowers, leaves, pinecones, nuts, berries, etc.


  2. Then, boil your water on the stove, and allow it to cool.


  3. Lay a mold out on your work surface, and arrange the things you've collected inside of it.


  4. Fill the mold to the top with water, and push down any plant material that has floated to the top.


  5. Freeze for several hours or over night.


  6. Remove the ice from the mold, and your centerpiece is ready for the table!



  1. Create a space for a candle by placing an empty wine bottle or jar in the center of your mold before you fill it. Note: You may need to weight the container down to keep it from floating up.
  2. To create an ice sculpture, use molds in graduated sizes. Then, stack the cubes in a dramatic tower.
  3. Use a muffin tin or mini cake molds to create a little ice sculpture for each place setting.
  4. Create an ice punch bowl by placing two nesting bowls together (one inside of the other), and filling the space between them with water. Note: You'll need to use a serving tray or something else to weight the top bowl down.
  5. Place your centerpiece on a plate or tray to catch the water as it melts.

What You Need:

  • Distilled water or rainwater
  • Flowers, leaves, pinecones or other plant material
  • A mold (cake mold or empty milk carton)
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