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Cheap Organization Ideas


Tired of living among clutter? Then, fight back with these cheap organization ideas:

Hair bands

Hair bands seem to end up everywhere. The solution? Store them on an empty toilet paper roll, and you'll know right where they are – and more importantly, where they aren't.


Are piles of magazines taking over your house? Then, make your own magazine storage boxes out of cereal boxes, and bring them under control once and for all.


Corral all of your jewelry in muffin tins or ice cube trays. Then, just grab what you want and go – no more tangled piles in the jewelry box or digging for a matching pair of earrings.

Office Supplies

Jars are perfect for organizing most office supplies. Use baby food jars for paper clips, rubber bands, push pins and other small items. Use canning jars for pens, pencils and other large items.

Hall Closet Clutter

Hats, gloves, scarves and umbrellas have a way of taking over the hall closet in a hurry. Fight back by hanging an empty shoe organizer on the inside of the door. It’s perfect for storing all those odds and ends in plain sight, and much cheaper than closet organizers.

Grocery Bags

Do you have plastic grocery bags spilling out of your cabinets and drawers? Then, bring them under control by storing them in an empty tissue or wipe box. Better still: Invest in a few canvas tote bags, and forgo the bag clutter all together.


Tired of the mail pile up? Don’t organize it; get rid of it. E-mail optout@abacus-us.com to get your name off most catalog mailing lists (Abacus is the database that most catalog companies use), and visit optoutprescreen.com to opt out of pre-screened credit card offers.

Wrapping Supplies

Those fancy wrapping paper storage containers are great, but if you aren't willing to fork over the money for one, there's a cheaper solution. Just scrub out a spare wastebasket, and stick your wrapper paper rolls inside. Easy and practical.

Do you save gift bags for reuse? Store them inside an empty computer paper box – it's the perfect size.

Craft Supplies

Has your craft stash gotten out of control? Then, restore the order by dividing your craft supplies by type (paint, thread, stamps, etc.) and store each grouping in it's own wipe box or strawberry box. Other storage containers to try: pretzel barrels, large peanut butter jars and empty spice bottles (perfect for storing beads).
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