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Don't Throw That Out

15 Useful Things You've Been Throwing Away


Turn a creative eye on the things that you're thowing away, and you may just discover that they're worth hanging on to:

Old Baking Soda

baking soda mixture in a bowl
Russell Sadur/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images
Use old boxes of baking soda to make homemade cleaners with loads of scrubbing power:

Stale Bread

Flickr user How_Can_I_Recycle_This

Use stale bread to make croutons, stuffing, French toast or another recipe where dry bread works well:

Soap Slivers

Soap Slivers
Photo &copy Flickr user Last_Hero

Round up all of your soap slivers. Then, melt them in the microwave, and form them into a new bar of soap.

Tip: Use a coffee mug as a soap mold, and you'll end up with a fancy, round bar.

Mesh Produce Bags

Mesh Produce Bags
Photo &copy Flickr user Thirteen_of_Clubs

Save the mesh bags that oranges, onions, potatoes and other produce come in. Then, use them as pot scrubbers when you're washing dishes.

Newspaper Sleeves

Newspaper Sleeve
Photo &copy Flickr user jaycoxfilm

Use newspaper sleeves as disposable work gloves, pooper scooper bags or as yarn for your next crochet project:

Old Spices

Spice Jars
Photo &copy Flickr user meiburgin

Simmer a pot of old herbs to freshen your house or use them to fragrance your homemade cleaners. Uses for Old Herbs

Crystallized Honey

Morguefile user keyseeker

Overtime honey tends to get thick and cloudy, but that doesn't mean that you need to toss it. Learn how to restore honey to it's original consistency, and enjoy every bit of what you paid for.

Old Clothing

Old Clothing
Photo &copy Flickr user icedtia
Cut up old clothing, and use the fabric and buttons in your craft projects.

Extra Ice Cube Trays

Ice Cube Trays
Photo &copy Flickr user jen_rab

Use extra ice cube trays to freeze leftover broth; to store homemade baby food; or to organize your jewelry collection.

Dinner Scraps

Overhead view of dinner table with friends
Thomas Barwick/Stone/Getty Images

Start a container in your freezer for meal scraps – a couple bites of of meat, a few spoonfuls of vegetables. Then, cook up a big pot of soup every time you fill it to the top.

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