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Uses for Toothpaste


Have a big stockpile of free-after-rebate toothpaste? Here are some clever uses for it:

Jewelry Polish

Photo &copy Flickr user Rubyran

You don't need to buy jewelry cleaner to brighten up your bling. Just work a dab of toothpaste into that dirty ring or bracelet, and rinse. All that ugly tarnish and grime will be gone.

Note: Avoid use on soft stones

Chrome Cleaner

Chrome Wheels
Photo &copy Flickr user Tomas_Fano

Toothpaste and elbow grease are all it takes to keep chrome faucets and wheels looking great. Apply a generous glob of paste to the surface; scrub it in with an old toothbrush; and wash it off. It's that simple.


Photo &copy Flickr user mullica

Have smelly hands after working with garlic or onions? What about sour smelling water bottles? Banish those odors with a squirt of toothpaste and a good scrub.

This Also Works Well On: plastic storage containers and cutting boards

Silver Polish

Photo &copy Flickr user Muffet

Commercial silver polish is effective, but pricey. Just rub toothpaste into your tarnished silver pieces with a soft cloth, and rinse them off to restore their original luster.

Stain Remover

Clothing Stain
Photo &copy Flickr user designshard

Have a stain on your favorite shirt – or worse – on your carpet? Attack it with a dab of paste, a squirt of water and a scrub brush. Rinse and repeat until the stain is gone.

Warning: Always test cleaners on a small, inconspicuous area before using widely. Not all fabrics and materials are color-fast.

Shoe Cleaner

Polished Shoes
Photp &copy Flickr user drewqstephens

Keep your shoes looking just-out-of-the-box good with the help of toothpaste. It will remove scuff marks and brighten dingy rubber.

Mirror Defogger

Photo &copy Flickr user reegmo

Get a fogless mirror for your bathroom without paying extra for one. Just apply a coat of toothpaste to your mirror; wipe it off, and marvel at its new steam-fighting powers.

Crayon Remover

Crayon on Walls
Photo &copy Flickr user IngaMun

Remove crayon marks from walls, woodwork and any other surface within your toddler's reach, by squirting a bit of toothpaste into a wet rag, and using it to scrub that art into submission. Go over the area again with a clean rag to ensure that you've removed all of the toothpaste.

What Kind of Toothpaste to Use

Brush your teeth with paste or gel, but use true toothpaste for cleaning and around-the-house fixes.

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