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Learn How to Cook from Scratch


Real food tastes better, costs less and usually doesn't take any longer to make. Learn how to cook from scratch, and discover what you've been missing.

Make Your Own Baked Goods

Homemade Hamburger Buns
Photo &copy Erin Huffstetler

Keep flour, sugar, yeast and a few other ingredients on hand, and you'll have everything you need to make breads, pies and all other manner of baked yumminess:

Whip Up Your Own Dairy Products

Homemade Ricotta Cheese
Photo &copy Flickr user yashima

Cheese, yogurt and sour cream are ridiculously fun to make. Stop letting those food manufacturers have all the fun!

Dry Your Own Foods

Drying Strawberries
Erin Huffstetler

Tired of suffering sticker shock when you go to buy dried foods? Make the shift to home-dried:

Prep Your Own Meats

Homemade Meatballs
Photo &copy Flickr user aMichiganMom

Buy your meat pre-cut, pre-formed or pre-cooked, and you're sure to pay a premium for it. Learn how to do those things at home and save big:

Get into Canning

Freezer Jam
Erin Huffstetler

Invest in some canning jars, and start making your own jams, pickles and salsas You can have your pantry filled in no time:

Enjoy a Real Breakfast

Photo &copy Flickr user donaldglen

Replace all those heavily-processed breakfast foods with something homemade:

And a Real Dinner

Tempt everyone to the table with a homecooked dinner:

Sip on a Homemade Beverage

Iced Tea
Photo &copy flickr user House_of_Sims

Dial down the cost of coffee, tea and other beverages by making them at home:

Treat Yourself to a Scratch-Made Dessert

Erin Huffstetler

Forget about frozen pies and packaged cookies. A homemade dessert wins every time:

Nosh on Homemade Snack Foods

Photo &copy Flickr user donovanbeeson

Homemade potato chips or store-bought potato chips. Is there even a question of which wins?

Make Your Own Condiments and Spices

Homemade Ketchup
Photo &copy Flickr user chatirygirl

Impress yourself (and everyone else you cook for), by creating your own condiments and spices:

Switch to Homemade Mixes

Cookie Jar Mix
Photo &copy Flickr user House_Of_Sims
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