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Save Money on Food

Tips to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half


Grocery shopping doesn't have to leave you broke. Learn how to save money on food, so you can walk out of the grocery store with cash to spare.

Shop at More Stores

Buying everything at one store may be a time saver, but it's certainly not a money saver. Drop the big-box habit, and you'll save big:


See a good deal on something that you buy regularly? Buy several, and store them. It's a simple way to avoid paying full price:

Eat Seasonally

Foods are at their best price-wise and taste-wise when they're bought in season. Familiarize yourself with the growing seasons for your area. Then, load up on those fresh-from-the-farm deals. Remember: Most fruits and vegetables freeze well, so buy extra to stick in the freezer for later.

Shop Less Often

Less trips to the store means less temptation to buy. Plan your meals a week or a month in advance, and get everything you need in one trip:

Rethink Your Grocery List

We toss lots of things into our grocery carts without giving them a second thought. Big mistake. Go over your grocery list, and you're sure to find some budget fat that you can trim:


Food prices may be on the rise, but lots of couponers are stilling paying 1950s prices. You can too:

Use What You Buy

When you toss out food, you're really tossing out money. Try to buy just what you need. Then, work to use it up quickly:

Pack Your Lunch

Planning to fork over $6 for lunch tomorrow? Buy a lunch box instead, and make packing lunch your new habit.

Make Your Own Junk Food

Dial down the cost of your junk food habit by making your favorite sweet or salty treats at home. Since it requires more effort from you, you'll probably consume less too. Bonus!


People were eating long before grocery stores entered the scene. Explore the wonderful world of foraging, and add more free food to your diet:

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