1. Money

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How to Save Money at the Farmer's Market


Farmer's markets are a great source for quality produce and homemade goods, and they can be a great source for bargains too. Here are five ways to save money at the farmer's market:

1. Buy Big

Negotiate a bulk purchase of fruits and veggies from a vendor, and he's likely to give you his very best price.

Need ideas to use up your super-sized purchase?

2. Buy at the End of the Day

The farmers don't want to have to haul unsold produce home, so shop late; and net a don’t-want-to-pack-it-up bargain.

3. Be Flexible

Go with a shopping list; but be willing to alter it if you find other foods are a better deal.

4. Buy at the Peak of the Season

The first or last produce of the season always cost more. Learn when all of your favorite foods grow; and shop at the peak of the season, when a bounty ensures a great price.

5. Be a Frequent Shopper

Buy from the same vendors again and again, and your loyalty is likely to be rewarded with extra savings, recipes and tips.

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