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How to Freeze Pie Crust Dough



Pie Crust

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Take some of the work out of making pie by making your pie crusts ahead and freezing them. Here's how:

Option 1:

1. Make up the dough for your pie crust, following the instructions in the recipe that you've chosen.

2. Then, form the dough into a ball; and place it in a freezer bag, or wrap it in a double layer of plastic wrap. Label and date it.

Note: If your pie crust recipe makes more than one crust, divide the dough into individual pie amounts before freezing.

4. Store your dough in the freezer for up to three months.

To Use: Thaw your pie dough in the fridge overnight. Then, roll it out as usual.

Option 2:

1. Make your dough; roll it out; and form your crust in a pie plate.

2. Then, stick the whole thing – pie plate and all – in a freezer bag.

To Use: Thaw your pie crust in the refrigerator overnight, and proceed with your pie recipe; or use your crust frozen, and simply add a couple minutes to the normal bake time.


  • Keep a couple pie crusts in the freezer at all times for easy last-minute desserts
  • Think about making your pie filling ahead, too
  • Make your pie crusts in disposable pie plates, so you can make a bunch at once (this will also make them easy to stack in the freezer)
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