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Freezer Labels


Tired of finding mystery items in your freezer? Use these freezer labels to keep up with what's in your freezer and how long it's been there:

Simple Freezer Labels

Photo © Erin Huffstetler
Add a different color label to each item in your freezer. There are twelve different colors on each sheet.

"Eat Me" Freezer Labels

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

Use these stylish burgundy and grey labels to keep up with the contents of your freezer.

Print in Color | Print in B&W

Retro Red Freezer Labels

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

These red, blue and brown labels have matching round and rectangular canning jar labels.

Brights Freezer Labels

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

These brightly-patterned freezer labels also come with matching round and oval canning jar labels.

For more help organizing your freezer, check out the Freezer Inventory List.

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