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Rent College Textbooks and Save

Cheap Textbook Rentals


Tired of forking over hundreds of dollars on college textbooks each semester? Then, stop buying your books, and start renting them instead. Several websites now allow you to rent the textbooks that you need, and to return them when you're done. It's so easy, you'll wish you'd done it sooner.

How Textbook Renting Works

1. Pick the company that you'd like to order from. Options include:

2. Locate your textbooks on the rental site by title, author or ISBN.

3. Select how long you need to keep the books – a semester, a quarter, the summer.

4. Place your order, and wait for your books to arrive.

5. Use the textbooks for as long as you need them.

6. Then, log in to the rental site; print out a shipping label; and mail your books back.

Benefits of Renting Textbooks

  • Cheaper than buying (sometimes as much as 90% less)
  • No books to sell back at the end of the semester
  • You get to skip the long lines at your college bookstore

Book Rental Tips

1. Prices vary from site to site, so do some comparison shopping before you place your order.
2. Need to hang on to your books for longer than expected? Just log in to the rental site to extend your rental period; and you're good to go.
3. Want to keep one of your books? Most rental companies will allow you to purchase your rental for the cover price, minus your rental fee.
4. Hate to lug around textbooks? Then, get a digital copy instead.

Book Rental Warnings

1. Avoid any company that charges a membership fee.
2. Not all rental companies guarantee that CD-ROMs and other supporting materials will arrive with your rental. If you need these materials, rent from a company that makes this guarantee.
3. Pay attention to shipping costs. Most companies charge to ship the books to you, but pick up the tab for return shipping.
4. Be sure to send your books back before your rental term expires, or you could face additional fees.
5. Don't mistreat your books, or you may find yourself paying to replace them.

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