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Kids' Birthday Clubs

Birthday Freebies for Kids


Make a big deal out of your child's big day without spending a dime. Here are 14 free birthday clubs to sign your child up for:

1. Toys "R" Us

Excited little boy celebrating birthday with family and friends
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Toys "R" Us really knows how to celebrate birthdays. Sign your child up for Geoffrey's Birthday Club and he'll receive a birthday card and surprise gift each year. Plus, he'll also receive an invitation to come into the store for a special birthday experience.

2. Baskin-Robbins

Sign your child up for the Baskin-Robbins Birthday Club, and he'll receive a coupon for a free ice cream on his birthday. Then, sign yourself up too – there's no age limit on this offer!

3. Bob Evans

Children under 12 can get another free kids' meal when they sign up for the Bob Evan's Kid Times Birthday Club.

4. Olan Mills

Sign up for the Olan Mills Birthday Club to receive a special discount during the month of your child's birthday.

5. Kmart

Enroll your kiddos in the Kmart Birthday Club, and they'll receive $5 in Birthday Bucks and a fun pack full of surprises.

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