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Ways to Save on Family Portraits


Capture all of those special moments without blowing your budget. Here are simple ways to save on the cost of family portraits:

Do It Yourself

Shooting your own family portraits used to mean taking a bunch of shots, hauling the film to the store to be developed and then hoping that you had at least one photo that you could use. That's not the case these days. With a digital camera, you can keep shooting until you get it right, and then order prints of just those shots. Put your photography skills to the test, and you may just impress yourself with the results.

Watch for Daily Deals

With Groupon, Living Social and the gazillion other daily deal sites out there, someone is always running a photo deal. Trawl the web until you find an offer for a studio near you.

Search for Coupons

If there's a holiday coming up, you'd better believe there will be portrait studio coupons in the Sunday paper. And that's not the only place you'll find them: Jump on the website of any big portrait studio, and you'll find plenty more.

Portrait Studio Coupons:

Work Your Connections

In the military? Belong to the AAA? Flash those credentials, and you may score a discount

Member Discounts:

Sign Up for Birthday Clubs

Businesses love to give you free stuff when it's your birthday, and photo studios are no exception. Sign up for the following birthday clubs, and score some free pics:

Sign Up for Newsletters

Gain access to exclusive offers by becoming a newsletter subscriber. Most photo studios have a free eNewsletter that you can sign up for on their website. Have a cellphone? You may be able to sign up to have coupons sent directly to your phone.

Order Small and Buy the Disc

Portrait studios try to sell you lots of extras to jack up your purchase price, but there's one extra that you should consider saying yes to: the photo disc. It comes loaded with all the photos from your sitting and all rights to the photos. That means you can buy a very basic package now, and simply print more photos yourself later, should you end up needing them. This is much cheaper than that big package that they'll try to sell you.

Tip: Drugstores and photo printing websites run free print offers all the time. Keep an eye out for these deals, and use them to expand your photo packages without any cash outlay.

Get a Savings Card

Like to have family portraits made throughout the year? Then, it may make sense to invest in a portrait savings membership. Just pay a small fee to join, and you'll be eligible for special discounts and freebies every time you go.

Portrait Savings Clubs:

Keep in Mind: Not all portrait savings clubs are a good deal. Review the benefits and terms carefully before enrolling to ensure you'll actually be saving money. Sometimes you can do just as well with sales and coupons.

Hire an Amateur

If you know someone that enjoys taking pictures, find out how much he or she would charge to shoot your family portrait. It likely to be way less than what the pros charge, and a fun experience for everyone involved.

Photo Gifts

Scrabble Photo Bracelet
Photo &copy Erin Huffstetler

Once you get your pictures back, use them to create a homemade photo gift:

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