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Frugal Foods & Recipes

Frugal recipes can be good to your budget and your waistline. Explore our library of simple, healthy meals that cook up fast.
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  12. Make Your Own Ingredients (107)
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Depression Era Recipes
Recipes from the Great Depression, along with stories about the people who created them.

Recipes to Cool You Off
A collection of recipes for cold sandwiches, soups and desserts.

Recipes to Warm You Up
Recipes to keep you warm, without cranking up the heat.

Three-Ingredients Crockpot Recipes
Slow cook your way to a cheap three-ingredient meal.

Three Ingredient Recipes
Keep your grocery list small with this list of dishes that cook up with three ingredients or less.

Frugal Camping Recipes
A collection of frugal and oh-so-tasty campfire recipes.

Can You Eat Squash Seeds?
You can eat pumpkin seeds, but what about other squash seeds? Are they edible too? Get the answer.

Easy Egg Rolls
Forget about frozen egg rolls. This egg roll recipe submitted by Stephanie is far cheaper (and tastier too).

How to Make Greek Yogurt
In love with Greek yogurt, but not in love with the price? Here's how to make your own for a lot less coin.

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