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Even fun can be frugal! Discover enough entertainment, hobby, dating and vacation planning ideas to keep you busy for hours.
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Free Entertainment
Take your entertainment costs down to zero. Here are five fun things that you can do for free.

Save on Movie Tickets
Use these simple tricks to save money on movie tickets.

Save Money on Magazine Subscriptions
Feed your magazine habit for less. Here are 11 ways to save money on magazine subscriptions.

Ditch Your Cable
Put $900 (or more) back into your budget by ditching your cable. Here are a bunch of free and cheap replacements.

The Best Places to Get Free eBooks
Here's how to get more free eBooks than you could possibly have time to read.

How to Save Money on Books
Need to get your book spending under control? Here are seven ways to save on books (without giving up your reading habit).

Eat Out for Less
Eating out can be a real pleasure when you know how to do it for less.

Make the Most of Your Library Card
14 things that you can check out and do with a library card (including many that you probably didn't know about).

Free Music Online
Stop paying for music! Here are the seven best sites for free music on the web.

Free Movie Rentals
In the mood for a movie night? Here are four sources for free movie rentals.

Hulu.com: A Review
Wondering if you should upgrade to Hulu Plus? Here's a review of both the free and paid version of Hulu.

Crackle.com: Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online
Ditch your cable TV and video subscription, and watch free shows and movies on Crackle. You'll enjoy all the savings, without any of the sacrifice.

Top 8 Frugal Hobbies
Hobbies that won't break the bank, and some that will even save you money.

Poll: Have You Redboxed?
When it comes to movie rentals, Redbox is one of the cheapest deals going. Have you given it a try?

Frugal Date Ideas
Take the expense out of dating with these low cost date ideas.

Movie Coupons
Use these coupons to build your movie library for less.

Movie Rebates
Cut the cost of owning new-release movies with these movie rebates.

Bowling Coupons and Discounts
Use gobowling.com to stay on top of all the latest bowling promotions.

Frugal Beach Activities
Nine activities to keep your beach trip frugal and fun.

How to Find Replacement Game Pieces
Have a board game that's missing pieces? Don't toss it. Instead use these tips to find replacements.

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