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Crackle.com: Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online



Screenshot of Crackle.com - June 2014

What is Crackle?:

Crackle is a website where you can watch free TV shows and full-length movies. It is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

How Does Crackle Work?:

Just register with the site (free), pick a show or movie that you want to watch and hit play. It's that easy. If you have Tivo, Roku, a Sony Blu-Ray Player or a similar device, you can also stream videos to your TV. And if you want to watch shows on the go, there's a free app that you can download to your cell phone.

Wondering how all of this can be free? It's simple. Instead of charging a membership fee, Crackle just runs the occasional commercial. It keeps the site going, and it keeps you from having to pay for the service.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Internet 7 (or above), FireFox 3 or Chrome
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 (or above)
  • Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (or higher)/Microsoft Windows Vista/Windows 7/Macintosh OS X
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled

What You'll Find on Crackle:

Sift through the video offerings on Crackle, and you'll find hundreds of shows (both new and old), as well as an impressive collection of full-length movies from Columbia, Tri Star, Sony Picture Classics and Screen Gems.

Make the Most of Crackle:

  • Subscribe to your favorite shows, and Crackle will add new episodes to your queue as they become available
  • Add interesting shows and movies to your queue as you come across them, and you'll always have something to watch when you log in

Save Money with Crackle:

Use Crackle as a replacement for cable, satellite TV and movie rental services.

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