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Make the Most of Your Library Card



Library DVD Collection

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In the habit of using your library card to check out books? If that's all you're doing with it, you're really missing out. Nowadays a library card can be used to access all sorts of free services and materials.

Your library card may allow you to check out:

  • new-release movies
  • e-books
  • games, puzzles and children's toys
  • magazines
  • CDs
  • video games
  • audio-books
  • book club kits (with a discussion guide and enough book copies for your entire group)
  • a museum pass (to get you into area attractions for free)

It may also allow you to:

  • use library computers and the Internet
  • access special electronic collections
  • reserve rooms (either for free or for a nominal charge)
  • reserve new releases before the library even gets them in
  • take advantage of free career services (help with your resume and job applications, access to job listing databases, etc.)

Want to find out which of these services your local library offers? Surf over to their website or stop by your local branch to find out.

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