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Frugal Crafts and Recipes for Kids


Looking for cheap ways to entertain your kids? Then, consider this round-up of fun crafts and recipes:

1. Coffee Can Stilts

Girl on beach using toy windmill
Mike Harrington/ Taxi/ Getty Images
If having the kids home makes your house feel like a three-ring circus, you may as well make it official. Fashion a pair of coffee can stilts for each kiddo. Then set your stilt-walkers loose for a day of circus-themed fun.

2. Felt Board

Erin Huffstetler
Turn scraps of felt into a fun felt board that's guaranteed to entertain for hours – both at home and on road trips. You can make as many felt accessories as you can dream up!

3. Pinwheels

Photo © Erin Huffstetler
Pinwheels are fun to play with, but they're even more fun to make. Grab some paper, pencils and pins; and make your own pinwheels. Then, enjoy an afternoon outdoors playing with them.

4. Homemade Popsicles

Photo © Erin Huffstetler

There's nothing better on a hot day than a popsicle – especially if it's homemade. Bring your little chefs into the kitchen, and make up a batch of strawberry or Jello popsicles. Just don't be surprised if they spend the next several hours staring longingly at the freezer.

5. Stamps

Erin Huffstetler
Stamping is the perfect activity for little hands. Learn how to make stamps out of rubber bands or foam meat trays. Then, lay out some paper and a stamp pad, and watch as your kids stamp, stamp, stamp the day away!

6. Crayons

Photo © Erin Huffstetler
Have a drawer or container full of crayon stubs? Then you've got the start to a fun project. Work alongside your kids to turn those long-neglected crayons into brand new crayons.

7. Garden Rocks

Erin Huffstetler
Go on a nature walk to collect interesting rock specimens. Then, hand your kids some paint and a brush, and let them go to work creating their very own garden rocks.

8. Homemade Soaps

Introduce your little ones to the good, clean fun of soapmaking. You can use basic melt-and-pour techniques to create treasure soap, popsicle soap or a design of your own creation.

9. Stickers

Homemade Stickers
Erin Huffstetler
Stickers are fun, but kids sure go through them in a hurry. Work together to create a big batch of homemade stickers, and you'll always have plenty on hand.

10. Rock Candy

Satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with some homemade rock candy. It only takes a few ingredients and a bit of hands-on time to make.
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