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Free Movie Rentals

4 Places to Rent Movies for free


Enjoy watching movies, but hate paying rental fees? Then, don't. Here are four sources for free movie rentals.

1. RedBox

RedBox is a great source for cheap rentals (just $1 a day), but it can also be a great source for free rentals. Sign up to receive their weekly newsletter, and you'll get a free rental code on the spot, as well as additional rental codes tucked into the newsletter from time to time.

Bonus Tip: Watch Walgreen's weekly sales ads for free rental code promotions. They've run several "buy-this-item-and-get-a-free-code" deals lately.

2. Blockbuster Express

Snag even more free rentals from Blockbuster Express, a newcomer to the kiosk scene. Just sign up for their New Release newsletter to get your first free movie code. Then, watch for more codes to appear in future issues of the newsletter.

Bonus Tip:You can find more codes on their website. They usually run in the top right corner of the homepage.

3. Food City

Food City Video offers free children's rentals everyday (excludes new releases).

4. The Library

Have you checked out the movie collection at your library recently? If not, you could be missing out on a great freebie. Think: new release movies and no rental charge.

5. Hulu

Surf over to Hulu.com, and watch one of the movies in their collection. They're all free!
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