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Frugal Beach Activities


Looking for some activities to keep your family busy at the beach? Then try these frugal and fun ideas:

1. Make a Kite and Fly It

Windy shore-side conditions make for great kite flying. Have everyone in your family make a kite (no need for store-bought), and then head outdoors for a kite-flying contest. The person who keeps his kite up longest wins.

2. Go Fish

You don't have to have a lot of pricey fishing gear to make a catch at the beach. Grab a small piece of netting or even a sand bucket, and head out to the surf to see what you can net. Kids are sure to delight in this activity, and may even make a few educational discoveries along the way.

3. Make Sand Angels

Snow angels are fun, so why not sand angels? Claim a patch of sand, and then get those arms and legs moving. Sure you'll end up a bit sandy, but that's part of going to the beach, right?

4. Have a Treasure Hunt

Round up your shipmates, and plan a treasure hunt complete with the treasure map and an "X" to mark the spot.

5. Snorkel

Headed to a locale with clear waters? Then, skip the aquarium visit, and bring a snorkel along. You'll get to watch sea life up close, and it won't cost you a dime.

6. Bowl

You don't have to be at a bowling alley to bowl. Set up some plastic bowling pins (empty soda bottles work fine), and take turns trying to knock them down. For even more fun, give beach softball, soccer or golf a try. Sports get more exciting when there's sand involved!

7. Set Up an Obstacle Course

Vacationing with a competitive bunch? Then, set up an obstacle course on the beach, and put that competitive energy to good use. Beach chairs, blankets and even sand toys can be put to work to create an impromptu course, so this is one activity that won't add to your pack list.

8. Comb the Beach

The beach is a great source for free craft supplies: shells, sea glass, rocks, driftwood, and other found objects. Take a walk along the shore to see what you can find; then, fashion shell jewelry and other beachy-creations from your haul. Collect enough, and you can even bring home some supplies for use later in the year. Pretty nice souvenir, eh?

9. Flashlight Tag

The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. Grab some flashlights, and head back out after dark for a night of flashlight tag on the beach.
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