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Fruit Recipes

Have more fruit than you know what to do with? Put it to work in these recipes.

Apple Recipes
Loaded down with apples? Give these recipes a try, and you'll wish you had more:

Apricot Recipes
Have apricot trees (or access to cheap apricots)? Put them to use in these recipes.

Blackberry Recipes
A collection of recipes that use blackberries.

Blueberry Recipes
Have oodles of fresh-picked blueberries? Here's what to do with them:

Cherry Recipes
Busy harvesting cherries? Here are recipes to help you use up your bounty:

Cranberry Recipes
Stock up on fresh cranberries when they're in season. Then, put them to use in these cranberry recipes.

Fig Recipes
Have lots of fresh figs, and not sure what to do with them? Give these recipes a try.

Grapefruit Recipes
Looking at a big box of grapefruit and wondering what you're going to do with it? Give these grapefruit recipes a try.

Huckleberry Recipes
Go foraging for huckleberries. Then, use them to make one of these yummy recipes.

Orange Recipes
Have a fruit bowl that's overloaded with oranges? Give these orange recipes a try.

Peach Recipes
Have peaches by the bushel? Here are recipes to help you use them up.

Pear Recipes
Wondering how to use up a bumper crop of pears? Try these ideas:

Plum Recipes
Blessed with bushels of plums? Here are recipes to help you use them up:

Raspberry Recipes
Growing raspberries in your garden (or have some that you got on the cheap)? Put them to use in these recipes.

Strawberry Recipes
Fresh-picked strawberries are delicious, but they sure do perish fast. Put them to use in these recipes, and not even a single berry will go to waste.

Uses for Overripe Bananas
Have a bunch of overripe bananas taking up space in your fruit bowl? Here are some great ways to use them up:

Watermelon Recipes
Have a watermelon or 20? Here's what to make:

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