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Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Kids


Fill up your kids' stockings for less with these cheap stocking stuffer ideas:

  • Mittens/gloves
  • A scarf
  • Astronaut food
  • A Christmas-themed pressed penny (try: coppermemories.com
  • Socks, tights or slipper socks
  • A power toothbrush
  • Character-themed toothpaste
  • Thank you cards
  • School supplies
  • Craft supplies
  • A name stamp (you can order one from vistaprint.com for the cost of shipping)
  • Batteries
  • A wallet
  • Bubble bath, body paints or bath crayons
  • A notepad
  • model kits (rocket, airplane, etc.)
  • Hot chocolate mix
  • A small puzzle
  • A journal
  • Lip balm
  • Chocolate
  • Cookie making supplies
  • Child-sized gardening tools
  • Child-sized kitchen tools
  • Healthy snacks
  • A small photo album
  • Stickers
  • A gift certificate for music downloads
  • Mini games

Just for Girls

  • Doll accessories (diapers, clothes, etc.)
  • Hair accessories
  • Nail polish
  • Costume jewelry
  • A charm bracelet
  • Beauty samples

Just for Boys

  • Die-cast cars
  • Trading cards
  • Fan gear (a hat, stickers, school supplies, etc. with his favorite team)
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