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Regifting Rules


Regifting – it saves money, but is it okay to do? Absolutely! Just follow these regifting rules, and it won’t seem the least bit tacky.

1. Do not regift a present to someone in the same family or circle of friends.

2. Do not regift a present, if you can’t remember who gave it to you. The chance for hurt feelings is just too great.

3. Only regift an item, if you know someone who will love it.

4. Only regift items that are in good condition. Beat up, dusty or expired items do not make good gifts.

5. Do not regift food items. It’ll be really awkward if someone ask you for the recipe, and you’ll feel terrible if someone gets sick or has an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. If you have unwanted food gifts, give them away instead of gifting them.

6. Tread lightly when regifting homemade gifts. If it’s nice enough to sell in a store, go for it. If not, don’t pass it on.

7. A gift should make the recipient feel special and loved. Do not regift just to save money.

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