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Best Gifts Under $10


Looking for great $10-and-under gifts to treat your budget and your loved one's right? Then, consider these gift ideas:

1. Grocery Bag Holder

Close up of African woman putting gift card in pocket
DreamPictures/VStock/ Blend Images/ Getty Images
Plastic grocery bags have a way of taking over a house. Squash the problem for someone on your Christmas list by buying a grocery bag holder like the high-style, stainless steel model from SimpleHuman.
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2. A Gift Certificate for a Used Book Store

Gift Certificate
Photo &copy Flickr user booleansplit
Know a lover of books? Then, help them indulge their passion with a gift certificate to a used bookstore. They're sure to have fun making their selections, and $10 is sure to go a lot further than it would at a new bookstore.

3. A Refillable Pen

Refillable Pen
Photo &copy Erin Huffstetler
With all of the cheap pens on the market today, a good quality pen can be a real treat. Choose one that's refillable and the recipient will be able to enjoy your gift now and many Christmases from now.
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4. Nuts

Photo &copy Flickr user macinate
Cashews, macadamia nuts and even walnuts can be a splurge when you're on a budget, so surprise that special someone on your list with a package of premium nuts.

5. A Gift Certificate for Photo Processing

Flickr user JasonRogers

A lot of pictures get taken during the holidays, which translates into a lot of pictures to have developed. Help defray the cost by giving someone on your list a gift certificate for photo processing.

Tip: Opt for a gift card to a drug store or big-box store, and you'll get more prints for your dollar.

6. A Hobby Supply

Photo &copy Flickr user Todd_Baker
Hobby supplies can be quite expensive, but a single hobby supply can make an affordable and thoughtful gift. Buy a paintbrush for an artist, a cooking utensil for a cooking connoisseur, scrapbook paper for a scrapbooker, gardening gloves for the gardener. Give it some thought and you're sure to come up with a $10 or less gift to go along with any hobby.

7. Blank Greeting Cards

Flickr user jotterblog
Select a pretty package of blank greeting cards for someone on your list, and she'll always have some on hand when a card-worthy occasion pops up.

8. A Coffee Tree

Coffee Plant
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
A pound of good quality coffee beans is likely to run you more than $10, but you know what won't? A coffee tree that's capable of producing a pound of coffee beans. Now that's a gift that's sure to surprise and impress.
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9. Kitchen Towels

Dish Towels
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

A fresh stack of kitchen towels is always a treat. Look for a big package that you can divide into several gifts, and you'll save big.

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10. Drink Coasters

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Save the world from water rings by giving the gift of drink coasters. This is one item that you can never have too many of – especially during party season.

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