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Frugal Gifts for Men


Looking for a frugal gift to please the man in your life? One of these ideas should do the trick:

A Safety Razor

Safety Razor
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Three-blades, four-blades, five-blades – shaving has gotten complicated and costly. Rescue the man in your life from all the hoopla by buying him a good quality safety razor, and his blade cost will go down to as little as 17 cents each!
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A Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush
Photo &copy Flickr user Viewoftheworld
A good shave starts with a cake of shaving soap and nice boar bristle shaving brush. Pick up a new shaving set for your guy or shop antique stores for that perfect vintage brush.
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A Safety Hammer

Safety Hammer
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Every guy likes a good gadget, and the safety hammer is one that you'll like too. Designed to free individuals who become trapped during a car accident, it includes a double-tipped steel hammer for breaking out car windows and a blade for cutting seat belts. Best of all, it mounts right under the dash, so it remains within easy reach.
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A Hand-Crank Lantern

Crank Lantern
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Pick up a hand-crank LED lantern for your fella, and he won't ever have to feed pricey batteries into his old lantern again.
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A Rubber Stamp

Rubber Stamps
Photo &copy Flickr user Jeffrey Beall
Make paying bills less of a chore for your guy by ordering a rubber stamp with his name and address on it. Order from Vistaprint.com, and you can get your first stamp free. Now, that's hard to argue with.

A Solar Flashlight

Solar Flashlight
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber
Bring high-tech and frugal together with a solar-powered flashlight. You can find them in large hand-held formats and in small key chain sizes.
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A Digital Tire Guage

Digital Tire Guage
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Maintaining the proper air pressure can greatly extend the life of a set of tires. Buy your guy a digital tire guage, and checking the pressure will be so fun, he'll want to do it all the time.

A Belt

Levi's Belt
Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

Men seem to wear their belts to the point of disintegration. Buy your guy a nice, new leather belt. Then, gently encourage him to retire one of his old ones.

Business Cards

Business Cards
Photo &copy Flickr user Strandell

Surprise him with a fresh supply of business cards. If you order from VistaPrint, you can get 250 business cards for free (just pay the shipping).

A Multi-Tool

Photo courtesy of PriceGrabber

When you don't have your tool box with you, a multi-tool is a good stand in. The Leatherman Squirt (pictured at left) includes a knife, needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, scissors, a wood/metal file, a bottle opener, a flat head and Philips screw driver and a key ring.

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