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Homemade Gifts for Men


Save money by making homemade gifts for all the men on your gift list. These ideas are all winners:

A Case for His Favorite Gadget

Ipod Case
Photo © Flickr user Gonzalo Baeza Hrnandez

Pull out your sewing machine, and stitch up a case for your guy's cell phone, iPod or laptop:

Fire Starters

Whip up a bunch of fire starters, and present them in a big basket with kindling and matches:

Homemade Beer or Wine

Homemade Fruit Wines
Photo © flickr user Haversack

Craft a special beer, wine or liqueur just for him:

Knit Socks

Knit Socks
Photo © Flickr user ryln4579

Pull out your knitting needles, and make him a cozy pair of socks:

A Cover for One of His Toys

Photo © Flickr user glen_edelson

Surprise him with a custom cover for his grill, lawn mower or motorcycle:


Photo © Flickr user FootosVanRobin

Make a batch of beef jerky, and treat him to some man food:

A Personalized Calendar

Photo © Flickr user tanakawho

Pick out some special photos, and make him a photo calendar. Earn extra points for penciling in all those must-remember dates:


Shaving Soap
Photo © David Fisher

Give a guy soap? If it's shaving soap, beer soap or something else equally manly, you bet.

Also Try:

Beer-Flavored/Scented Gifts

Photo © Flickr user Tim_Pearce,_Los_Gatos

If it smells like beer or tastes like beer, it's guaranteed gift gold:

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