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Homemade Gifts for Toddlers


Pull out your craft supplies and make homemade gifts for all of the toddlers on your list. We have ideas by the bunches.

A Family Scrapbook

Photo &copy Flickr user Shards_of_Blue

Toddlers love to look at pictures of people they know. Put together a family scrapbook for your toddler, and it's bound to become one of his or her favorite books.


Surprise your toddler with a fresh supply of playdough in a rainbow of colors.

A Felt Board

Felt Board
Erin Huffstetler

Dig into your fabric stash for everything you need to make a fabulous felt board.

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Finger Puppets

Finger Puppet
Photo &copy Sherri Osborn

Stick a set of finger puppets on those little fingers.

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Mix up a giant batch of bubbles, and give them with an assortment of homemade bubble wands.


Encourage fingerpainting fun with a collection of washable paints in bright colors.


Recycled Crayons
Erin Huffstetler

Gather up all your crayon nubs, and use them to make super-sized crayons – perfect for little hands.

A Pocket Purse

Denim Pocket Purse
Erin Huffstetler

Snag the pockets off an old pair of pants, and turn them into a toddler-sized purse.

Sweater Mittens

Finished Sweater Mittens
Erin Huffstetler

Get your toddler winter-ready with a pair of mittens made from an old sweater.

Slipper Socks

Slipper Socks
Photo &copy Sherri Osborn

Make a pair of slip-resistant slipper socks for those always-on-the-go feet.

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