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Bakery Outlet Store Locations

Find a Bakery Outlet Store Near You



Wonder Bread Outlet Store

Photo © Flickr user m001229

Purchase your bread and baked goods from a bakery outlet store, and you'll pay half what you'd pay at the grocery store (maybe even less). Use these resources to find your nearest bakery outlet store location:

Bimbo Bakery Outlet Stores (makers of Oroweat, Entemann’s, Sara Lee, Thomas’, Earth Grains, Arnold, Boboli, Ball Park (buns), Freihofer’s, Marinela, Mrs. Baird’s, Stroehmann and Tia Rosa)

Schwebel’s Bakery Outlet Thrift Stores (makers of Sun-Maid, Cinnabon, Country Hearth, Roman Meal and‘taliano)

Franz Bakery Outlets (makers of Holsum, Seattle International, Seattle Sourdough Baking Co. and Svenhard’s)

Holsum Bakery Outlets (6 Arizona locations)

Pepperidge Farm Bakery Outlet Stores

Aunt Millie's Thrift Stores

Also check your local phone book for:

  • Flowers Bakery Outlet Stores (makers of Sunbeam, Nature’s Own, Cobblestone Mill, Country Kitchen, Bunny, Tastykake, Barowsky’s, Captain John Derst’s, European Bakers, Mrs. Freshley’s and Blue Bird)
  • Master Bread Outlets
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