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How to Get Coupons for Fresh Produce

6 Sources for Fruit and Vegetable Coupons


Fresh produce coupons are out there, if you know where to look. Use these coupon sources to get your fruits and vegetables at a discount:

Find Coupons on the Web:

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 Stop by SavingStar every Tuesday to grab their latest healthy product coupon. So far, they've offered up coupons for navel oranges and bananas.

Driscoll's Berries Coupons

Get coupons for strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries when you sign up for the Driscoll's Reward program. They'll even send you something special for your birthday.

Fresh Express Coupons

Sign up for the Fresh Express e-newsletter to save on salad mixes.

Earthbound Farm Coupons

Sign up for Earthbound Farm's newsletter to receive a regular dose of coupons in your inbox.

Look for Produce Coupons on Product Packaging

You probably won't find a coupon attached to your bananas, but you could find a produce coupon attached to other products in the store. Look for fruit coupons on boxes of cereal and vegetable coupons on packages of meat.

Past Coupon Sighting: $3-off fruit coupons on Kashi cereal, $3-off fruit coupons on Ball Freezer Jam Pectin

Use Your Store Card

Grocery stores have long used your rewards card to track your buying habits. Now many of them are using that information to mail you coupons for the products that you buy. If produce is a regular purchase for you, produce coupons are likely to be included in your mailing, so make sure you swipe that card each time you shop.

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