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Save Money on Meat

14 Ways to Cut Your Meat Bill


11. Stock Up Around the Holidays

Fill your freezer with turkey and ham around Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter. Holiday sales will push these meats down to their cheapest advertised price of the year. For an even sweeter deal, wait until the week after these holidays. Any remaining inventory is sure to get marked down quickly.

Tip: Save any ham or turkey coupons that you come across, and use them after the holidays. When paired with a reduced price sticker, you'll get a killer deal.

12. Coupon

Meat coupons aren't super common, but you can find them if you know where to look:

13. Pay with Overage

Shop at a store that let's you keep your coupon overage. Then, use it to buy meat.

14. Buy Bones

Did you know? Honeybaked Ham sells their ham bones for $5 a piece (the price may vary in your area). With a full two to three pounds of meat on each bone, that's a great deal:

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